About Hughes Technologies

Hughes Technologies was founded in 1995 by David Hughes, one of the early contributors to the Internet in Australia. The company's first product was the revolutionary Mini SQL (mSQL) database system. mSQL was the first freely available SQL implementation for Linux and UNIX systems and was a key tool in the development of database driven web sites as the Internet matured.

mSQL was the result of PhD research into Network Management that David was undertaking during the 90's. He has always been involved with the design and operation of large-scale infrastructure, including building a major regional ISP in the 90's, and consulting to Telco's, ISPs, and industry leading hosting companies around the globe since then. His passion for large-scale IT Infrastructure and the software to manage it is still strong, as can be seen by the development of Network Knowledge, our next generation monitoring platform.

Through David Hughes' activities, Hughes Technologies continues to support the Internet Operations community. David was recognised in 2006 at the 10th anniversary APRICOT Conference (the Asia Pacific's largest Internet Operations conference) for his support of the event during it's early years. In 2007, David Hughes and 2 luminaries of the Australian Internet industry (Steve Baxter and James Spenceley) founded AusNOG, the industry association for network operators, hosting operators, and content providers in Australia. David is still actively involved in the organisation of the AusNOG Annual Conference, the country's premier technical and networking event for the industry.

We believe that the Internet has evolved as a result of the open availability of quality software. Hughes Technologies contributes to that process by always supporting open source and mixed license software development. While commercial reality forces us to sell commercial licenses for some of our products, wherever possible we provide our software free and open to anyone who wishes to use it.